Quivk Tip: How to tell Copic marker ends apart


I recently swatched my Copic markers and have been getting more use out of them than ever – if you have trouble figuring out which marker blends work best, I highly recommend making blending swatches (using 2-3 markers each time) to get the most out of your existing collection.

While reaching for markers, I found that I was often uncapping the wrong end – the chisel nib – instead of the brush nib I prefer for coloring. I was considering wrapping some washi tape around the “right” end, when I discovered this this hack:

Here’s another look at the marker ends…the brush nib end has a gray band all around the marker which is missing on the chisel nib end. This is so handy when your markers are front side down because you’ll still be able to tell the two ends apart!


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