Organizing stamps: Sticker labels

Guess what came in the mail yesterday? My Avery Elle Stamp Storage Pockets! I have been waiting eagerly for them to arrive so that I can get started organizing my stamps and dies.

My stamps are still mostly in their original packaging. Before my collection grew to the size it is today, that never bothered me. Now, however, I’m finding that smaller packages get lost in between larger sets and some even fall to the side of the container I store them in, getting lost for months until I empty the entire container.

I bought the large stamp pockets and am using those for all sets that are 4×6 or smaller. I did consider getting the small pockets as well, but I have so few “smaller” sets that I just don’t think I will get as much use out of them.

I used printable sticker paper to label my dies. I do have a label maker and love using it, but with so many stamp sets to transfer over AND label, I knew printing them all at once would be easier.

On my computer, I created a document in Microsoft Word, set my font to Calibri (Body), font size 11. Then, I clicked on “Layout” and under “Columns”, selected three. This meant that after typing up all my text, I would have three columns on each page. Doing this saved me a LOT of sticker paper!


Then, I loaded my printer with the printable sticker paper and hit print! Some tips for printing: depending on your printer (I use a low end Canon printer), load 1 sheet of sticker paper at a time. If you have multiple pages, print 1 page at a time. This will save you time and money, I promise.

To cut the labels out, I used my Fiskars paper trimmer. I cut off the top and bottom to eliminate the extra space from printing borders. Then, as in the left picture below, I made slits close to, but not past, the edge of the paper. This allowed me to make multiple slits along the rows but not separate the rows…yet. 🙂 I promise…this is another MAJOR time saver.

Once I cut all the rows (cut to *just* before the edge..) I turned my paper the right way around and made ONE  cut all the way down. This cut out ALL my rows at once for each column. 🙂


(Sidenote: I love my Fiskars paper trimmer – I’ve had so many trimmers in the past that just don’t cut straight, or don’t “grip” on to the paper tight enough, but I’m having none of those problems with my current trimmer. Plus I love that it’s so easy to see exactly where to cut with the wire guide!)

With all the labels cut out, all I had to do was remove the sticker backing, adhere the labels to cardstock and fill my pockets with stamps! I am close to done with my entire stamp stash, and will update with pictures once I’m finished.

Lastly…I do apologize for the bad lighting in the photos – I left my phone in the office and had to rely on my husband’s phone for the pictures instead. Lesson learned…

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