Ribbon Storage under $10 – Plastic Chain and Zip Ties

Hi guys! Hope you’ve had a wonderful week.

Like most of us in the crafting world, I have a day job (that I love!) that takes up the majority of my “awake” time. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for crafting. And the LAST thing I want to do in my limited crafting time is sort through a bunch of tangled ribbon to find that one color I was needing. So, Dave and I brainstormed methods to store my spools of ribbon and came up with something that we both LOVE!

We didn’t want to use the rain gutter method that many others are using because we’d have to drill holes in the wall. We do own our home but are always moving things around, so making holes mean having to spackle them up someday. Rain gutters are also larger than I wanted  to have in my small closet space.


What we found instead, was white plastic chain from Home Depot. At the time we bought it, the stuff was $0.68 a foot. We measured my space and ended up with 3 feet on either side. We then bought 3/8″ wood dowels for $0.98 cents each and cut them in half. We also bought zip ties from the Dollar Tree.


We attached the plastic chain to the hanging bar in my closet using a zip tie. Then we wedged the dowels in between the spaces of the chain links to create thin bars. The spools of ribbon hang from these bars. You can easily pull out the length of ribbon you need and snip it off without having to remove the spool from the dowel!


Isn’t that neat?! This method accommodates all widths of ribbon spools. Unlike the rain gutter system, you’re never going to end up dropping a roll as you unravel the ribbon and having to chase after it. It is also great for anyone on a budget as you can create your own hanging ribbon organizer for about $8.

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