Children’s Day

We celebrated children’s day at the office today by having an indoor scavenger hunt for our coworkers’ children. I offered to set up a make and take card station as the final stop in the hunt. Not that I’m a cardmaking expert after making a grand total of 3 in my lifetime, lol, but I thought it would be a fun activity for the kids.

Plus I totally needed an excuse to buy a small embossing machine – the Sizzix Texture Boutique.

I pre-cut card bases and frames and set up stations for each step (e.g. stamping, foam-taping, embossing).

Their favorite station was the embossing one (duh). So many “oohs” and “aahs” when the textured paper rolled out of the “magic machine” lol.

I was so busy helping little hands with glue, scissors and other bits that I didn’t get to snap many pictures, but my coworker kindly allowed me to use some of hers (faces blocked out for privacy):

 I had such a blast that I’m considering doing this again. When I was a kid, I had ZERO confidence in my artistic abilities, so much so art homework made me cry. I remember my mom and sister helping me complete my art projects late into the night before they were due. Thanks to my Cricut, I’ve discovered that art can be an enjoyable, fulfilling activity and I create to relax. It was really amazing to be able to share that sensation with others, especially young minds, and introduce positive art experiences to them. 🙂

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