Valerie’s birthday shaker + Cricut

Shortly before I left Seattle, I was going down the Youtube rabbit hole (you know what I mean – you start with one video, and 2 hours later, you’re watching a cat ride a Roomba). Somehow I happened on a video demo-ing the Cricut Explore Air. Mind instantly blown.

I think I watched a few more demos and downloaded the Design Space software before I brought my very own Cricut home from Joanns. I was leaving the country in a month, so, total impulse buy. I *think* I initially bought this to quilt…even though I hate quilting…anyway, it was THE BEST impulse buy ever, ok?

The machine came home with me to Singapore. Handy tip: It IS dual voltage, and the power slot is compatible with a standard laptop charger (non-Apple). I put it in my checked baggage in the original packaging and box and it survived the 20hrs+ trip from SEA-SIN. 🙂

So, after my shaker card adventures with a manual die cutting machine, which I greatly coveted, but don’t yet own, I decided to try making one with the Cricut.

My coworker Valerie’s birthday was the day before a work event that was kind of a big deal. Our team was called in to work on that Sunday, so my manager got her a cake and I promised a card for the team to sign.

Here it is on all its shaker, sequinny glory:


My “present” shaker card for Valerie’s birthday.

Not bad for a first try, right? No sequin casualties were reported. They stayed safe in their little shaker pocket, even at the hands of my coworker’s 7 year old.

I’m totally addicted, guys. 😀




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